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What to Expect

The Homeopathic interview (the case taking) is an experience in itself.

You will begin by situating yourself in a relaxed position. You will be asked about any physical symptomotology you may be experiencing, what ails you physically. You will be asked to state any diagnosis from any and all Medical Doctors you may have been given, along with their prognosis.  You will be asked to state what makes your chief complaint(s) better and worse, what foods you crave and are averse to along with your appetite, bowel and urinary habits.  Your preference for heat and cold, your sleep patterns and your general emotional state will also be explored. 

You will be prompted to investigate deeper into yourself to a level you may have never experienced before. Part of the journey into the self will include the description of the feeling, emotion and sensation behind your chief complaint(s).  This process is nothing short of impacting, in itself. Many have made many an awareness about themselves that 20-30 years of traditional therapy have not touched upon.

You may laugh and/or cry and feel intense emotion during the interview process. You may recollect things you have not touched upon for decades and emotions may wash over you during such.  You may also make new realizations during the process, stemming from exploring places within yourself that never have been touched upon before.  However, it must be said that this is just a serendipitous benefit of the Homeopathic case taking process.  

While many have indicated that the Homeopathic Interview itself was one of the most important experiences of their lives, the goal is to accurately get to the heart of the matter.  If the deepest aspect, the etiology, of the case can be recognized ... then the appropriate Homeopathic Remedy can be correlated to that state.  After the initial consultation, which may range from 1-3 hours or longer, a Homeopathic Remedy will be carefully selected based on the totality of symptoms.

The strength, potency, and repetition of your remedy can vary greatly.  You may take your remedy daily, weekly, monthly or longer periods in between re-dosing. 

Recommendations may also be made for other compounds such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and various supplements to organically support the organism and fulfill susceptibilities that may have been present for decades. In addition to the Homeopathic Remedy, these compounds work to greatly support the human organism's ability to heal itself and make important metabolic shifts while simultaneously assisting in critical processes within the body as it works to restore natural homeostasis. 

And healing can occur.