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"John Bishop is the real thing. I wish I hadn't waited as long as I did after my sister recommended that I see him. He is truly gifted and he is compassionate - and he is a master at what he does", T.S., San Francisco, CA

"after seeing 4 specialists for my irritable bowels I was left with nothing, actually worse off! John had me up and running again (literally), I am an avid runner, in about 8 days. Thank you!", P.W., New York, NY

"I had kidney stones of the uncommon kind. They were made of cysteine. I would pass about 8+ per month because I was not metabolizing methionine properly. The urologist said I would need to take 3 different medications to counter the faulty metabolism.  After the initial consult and first follow up with John, I have not produced any stones for the past 11 months!", H.L., Austin, TX

"John has a deep understanding of the workings of the human body. He put my internist to shame with his knowledge of how my GI issues were interrelated with my other chronic complaints. John went beyond just trying to 'put out the fire'. He went to the cause. He is nothing short of splendid.", T.J., London, England

"My life has two parts to it. The first part is before I met John Bishop. The second part is after meeting him. I am grateful to him beyond words", R.B., Portland, OR