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About John Bishop

John Bishop has been a professional Homeopath since 1988. He consults with clients in person and, via telephone, provides professional consultations across all four corners of the globe.  He has consulted with tens of thousands of clients since beginning his practice. His clients run the gamut from professional athletes, movie and television industry professionals and elite special forces personnel - to Fortune 500 company CEO's/CFO's ... and everyone in between.

John's passion is about helping people.  Period.  He feels it is his calling to help people dissolve the physical, mental and emotional roadblocks that stand in the way of optimum health through Homeopathy and other natural means. John believes the body recognizes natural stimuli and that the body can use these compounds and direct them as it sees fit to fulfill the blueprint for health that is inherent in the human organism.

In 2013 John met with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The meeting was at the invitation of the CEO to propose the idea of opening a Homeopathic Teaching College in California with John Bishop as the Director.  The CEO was a client of John's who experienced profound relief from a chronic health concern that had been plaguing him for over 27 years. It was after the CEO's consultation with John, and subsequent Homeopathic treatment, that relief was brought about.  The CEO felt that the Homeopathic model of healing should be more pronounced in the public domain.

Details are being finalized for a projected completion date of Spring 2021.

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