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Yeast Culture (stool).

The numerous bacteria and yeast that inhabit human digestive systems are known collectively as gut flora. These microorganisms help in the digestive process, provide additional nutrients that our bodies would otherwise not obtain, and they act with and as part of the immune system, helping to resist infections.

Under healthy conditions there is a balance between good microorganisms and bad microorganisms in the digestive system (each keeping the other in check). However, bad diets and unhealthy lifestyles, chronic stress, antibiotic use, and more, all contribute to a compromised gut environment. The term that describes this imbalance is dysbiosis.

Dysbiosis, while sabotaging healthy gut function in general, also produces dangerous by-products such as ammonia, which can hinder brain function and cause cognitive symptoms.

The predominant yeast Candida thrives in a state of dysbiosis. This organism in particular needs to be controlled through diet and supplementation while investigating underlying causes and removing them. Candida overgrowth causes fatigue, headaches, mood swings, sinus congestion, depression, and many more common symptoms. Beyond symptoms, the excessive yeast often penetrates the intestinal wall, activating the immune system and causing hypersensitivities not just to Candida itself, but to common foods and other substances that penetrate.

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