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Full Constitutional Homeopathic Consultation

Full Constitutional Homeopathic Consultation. Done in person or by telephone. First 6 week follow up is included. Duration of consultation/intake spans 1-3 hours and, in some instances, longer. After placing order you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule appointment tme.

$ 345.00


When the carefully selected Homeopathic Remedy is chosen for an individual based on the physical, mental and emotional symptomotology that the patient brings forth, something happens.   

And that something, comes from nothing.  At least nothing that science can detect at this point in it's evolution.

Homeopathic remedies, beyond the strength of 30C and 30X do not contain a single molecule of anything science can detect.  If you take a Homeopathic Remedy at these dosages or higher you are not officially ingesting any substance whatsoever except for a minuscule sugar pill ...

... or so it may seem to the untrained eye.  The genius of Homeopathy's inventor, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann became apparent many years after he discovered that giving a substance repeatedly to a healthy individual, until it causes a set of symptoms, will actually HEAL those same symptoms in an individual that exhibits them from an actual disease.

This is called the law of similars. The law of similars imparts that no two similar diseases (states) can exist in the human organism at the same time. Therefore if an artificial state (stimulus) is introduced to the organism that matches the disease that the organism is experiencing, then the imbalance will correct and the organism will return to homeostasis.

The intrinsic value in the Homeopathic healing system is that there are no side effects and that the remedies are safe while being extremely effective.

Continuing on with the genius of Homeopathy's inventor Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. Hahnemann concluded, after years of pain staking research that we can elicit the greatest healing from any substance in nature by accentuating the positives and eliminating the negatives (toxicology), by the process of succession.

In short, succession is the vigorous shaking of a diluted Homeopathic preparation to activate the substance.  The more times a substance undergoes the process of succession, the stronger the medicinal quality of that substance becomes.

In the end, the Homeopathic Remedy has captured the reverberation, frequency, oscillation or, for the sake of a simpler dissertation, the INFORMATION of the particular substance used in the succession process.

When a wisely selected Homeopathic Remedy is introduced to the organism, this INFORMATION can then be used by the organism to rid itself of the offending imbalance.

And health can be restored.